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The service wonderful. Craig and and his crew was so committed in doing their job right, they kept my feedback, they were very respectful of what I wanted, and they did the job really really well. I would not hesitate to recommend them. They were very careful and very attentive. The work was superb, I was very pleased.

Peter S.

Craig's crew were great. Efficient, committed to doing the job properly. Followed engineer's recommendations to the letter. I unhesitatingly recommend them.

Peter S.

They did a great job on the property.

Tom L.

Staying at home for so long we finally decided to take out the old pool. Campbell Services is great! We have really nice landscaping, so they did a partial pool demolition and filled in the old pool without ruining our landscaping. They brought in multiple Dump trucks of clean fill, they used Limited Access Machines; they are specialized micro sized equipment used especially to break down the sides of the pool and fill it in with clean fill. Campbell Services used their specialized equipment and didn't even disrupt our landscaping. We love our new backyard!

Jerry A.

Demolition, of our shed was completed without wrecking our landscaping or fence to gain access. Campbell Services is extremely careful and has the perfect science and engineering when it comes to safety and efficiently tearing down buildings and other artificial structures. Because of the way the Demolition was performed the deconstruction of the shed/building carefully preserved valuable elements surrounding our house made it easy for us to repurpose the area and upgrade our backyard. We now are enjoying and indoor/outdoor living space.

Jill R.

Campbell services provided me timely excavation of driveway. His crew were professional and courteous. I was pleased with the time they took in making sure the mess was cleaned to my satisfaction along with taking extra care to preserve the existing landscape. I only wish other companies would adopt that type of work ethic.

Gary G.

The owner, Craig Campbell arrived when they promised in the morning with a great big truck, a large chainsaw and a small one... he and one helper made quick work of reducing the debris to manageable pieces and hauling it off. Near the end they used heavier equipment (a Bobcat) to remove the largest and heaviest pieces and load them up. The two of them made it all look quite easy and by mid-morning the rear yard was wonderfully clean.

Renee C.